Two more weeks stand between our ears and Justin Bieber's debut single off his more adult album Believe. We know the details: Mike Posner co-wrote and produced; Bieb himself believes it to be an "awesome" song. While we have faith in the promised growth and maturity of Stratford's very own, Baltimore Z104.3's DJ Mick Lee got a preview of Bieber's single "Boyfriend." Expect comparisons to a certain former boy bander turned sexyback solo star (turned professional golfer/arm candy to Jessica Biel?), along with something a little surprising:

All I'm wow... so much different than his previous music. Produced by Mike Posner... the best way to describe it is a mix of Justin Timberlake "Sexy Back"...N Sync "Girlfriend" -- AND get this... he comparison is it sounds like "Wait" by the Ying Yang Twins...

All well and good—if not a bit unsettling. Bieber has previously said he aspires to achieve a Timberlake-like career, but the Ying Yang Twins? Anything that comes close to mimicking the sheer vulgarity (and undeniable beat) of "Wait" would go against The Bieb's whole "no swearing" platform, admittedly unveiled before he turned 18. Everyone has to grow up sometime.