Thanksgiving has come and gone, so it's time Justin Bieber stop fooling around and get to focusing on the task at hand: Christmas. As if mounting credit card debt and familial stress weren't enough to get us in the spirit, we'll need Bieber to remind us just when the holiday falls on the calendar this year. As part of NBC's annual Rockefeller Center tree lighting special, The Bieb performed several songs off Under the Mistletoe, including "Drummer Boy," the bananas, Twitter-referencing collaboration with Busta Rhymes. What begins as his small battle with an insubordinate microphone stand transforms into a battle of lyrics, reminding us that Bieber has seen his friend's G-rated description of a family dinner, and will raise him audacious edits to the Bible. At least Busta knows he has a future as a hype man for Canadian teens.

Of course, those who still believe in the magic of televised performances should ignore the fact that this was previously recorded, as Bieber's set will air on NBC's Christmas in Rockefeller Center this Wednesday, along with the premiere of the "All I Want For Christmas Is You" video with Mariah Carey, and, oh yeah, lighting that tree. But if your belief in the honesty of televised performances was crushed long before Ashlee Simpson's SNL debacle, get an early look at their live duet below. Just don't say we didn't warn you about the painfully shrill shrieks from the crowd.