He bangs hookers!

He urinates in janitor’s buckets!

He’s Justin Bieber and his reps have had just about enough of his shenanigans.

“Pretty much the whole of Justin's team is convinced he's his own worst enemy and his hijinks right now are destined to cause his downfall," a source tells Popdust.com exclusively.

"He acts like a spoiled, obnoxious brat and they feel like his fans are only going to tolerate so much.”


The solution?

A chaperone!

A nocturnal nanny of sorts to try and make sure Justin refrains from acting like an epic asshole in public and to (hopefully) keep his badboy antics reigned in to an acceptable level.


Their duties would include monitoring Bieb's drinks, holding him back from engaging in fights, and, when all the above fails, shielding him from the paparazzi.

But Biebs is balking, insisting that he is a big boy now and doesn’t need any kind of supervision.

“He’s handling it in true Bieber fashion and acting like he doesn’t have a problem at all,” the source says.