Justin 'Bizzle' Bieber Hits The Studio With T.I.

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Considering that Justin Bieber is now going by the name 'Bizzle' on Instagram, we're not surprised to discover that the media magnet spent the weekend hanging out with T.I.

Bizzle and Tip were in the studio together working on new music -- presumably for Bizzle's as-yet-untitled Believe follow up (Journals doesn't count as a real album, right?).

Between arrests and frisks, Bizzle's also been recording with Kid Cudi, Diddy, Wale, Jermaine Dupri, Rick Ross, and even T-Pain, who recently called the teen idol's new tunes, "the best music I've heard in years. YEARS!!"

I could say something snarky right now about how T-Pain must not listen to much music, but Journals was actually pretty good despite its floppage on the charts, so I'll just bite my tongue for now.

[Via Rap-Up]

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