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Justin Timberlake Got Bitch Slapped On The Golf Course

But why would anyone in their right mind want to slap a former member of 98 Degrees?

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justin timberlake bitch slapped golf course—Trousersnake attacked on the golf course… what's the world coming to?!!

So there Justin Timberlake was, bringing sexy back to the golf course, when out of nowhere, some crazed spectator came up and bitch slapped him!

Maybe he didn't care much for the time Justin jazzed in his pants, perhaps he's bugged Justin got to pop Britney Spears' cherry

Or maybe he just didn't like the way he handled a nine iron. All these and more question will be answered below.

So why did Justin get 5 fingered?

TMZ has obtained video of JT shot Saturday at the American Century Celebrity Pro-Am in Lake Tahoe -- and SMACK!

Right in the grill, and the 35-year-old What Goes Around Comes Around singer looked like he was about to cry a river…of rage.

Justin pivoted around and yelled, "Why would you do that?"

Then he angrily walked off while security had some words with the suspected slapper.

Justin opted not to press charges and tournament reps saw the slap as no big deal since Justin had no slap marks on him.

No harm no foul, right?

Well, not exactly. As sheriff's deputies attempted to escort the man off the course, he kinda bugged out.

Law enforcement insiders claimed he just wanted to "touch" Justin and once he got a palm full of Timberface, he refused to leave the golf course.

Apparently he was drunk and belligerent, so cops had to arrest him for disorderly conduct.

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Now please enjoy these Justin Timberlake fun facts:

Did you know Justin's mom became Ryan Gosling's legal guardian for six months while they filmed The Mickey Mouse Club because Ryan's mom had to go back to work in Canada?

Justin has a freakishly good memory.

He composed all of his album Justified without ever putting pen to paper!

Once a waiter sold Justin's half-eaten French toast on eBay for $1,025!


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