Every time you try to ignore Justin Timberlake, there he is, looking dapper and acting charming, while sticking his hand in some wildly successful side project that any person would be lucky enough to lead, let alone a singer (when do we starter using "former"?) with six Grammy Awards.

So to the surprise of no one, JT continued his pretentious yet adorable, pseudo-intellectual schtick outside of the recording studio. He recently traveled to Brooklyn (of course) to play golf with New York Times columnist Bill Pennington. While he claims basketball and girls were always his boyhood loves, Timberlake described his recent interest golf and the life lessons found within the 18-hole game (patience, acceptance), while pimping some serious Callaway swag.

Damn you, Justin. We want to quit you (at least until you make a new album), but then we go back to listening to "Losing My Way" on our iPods...again.