Justin Timberlake's recent concert stops in Philadelphia were absolutely full of excitement. Not only did he flip off a fan, who was giving the singer the bird from the second row, but he was showered with a little physical love from another fan during the show. Both occurrences happened on separate nights.

"Why are you flipping me off? You got second row to flip me the bird?" he had asked the female fan before continuing on with the show. "That makes no f*cking sense. You wanted me to see it? But you're in the second row, you didn't have to flip me off. I see you in the second row. OK, it worked. It worked.”

Later: while making his rounds to one side of the stage, JT turned his back for a split second, and that was enough time for a fan to take a shot at grabbing his butt. It was quick, but he was able to slap the fan away. Chuckles ensue from the crowd.

He certainly brought sexy back: that's for sure!

Take a look:

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