Finding time in his busy summer to promote a new act off his label Tennman Records, Timberlake posted FreeSol's video for "Hoodies On, Hats Low," on Twitter Wednesday. Despite spending more of his days starring in mediocre romantic comedies and plotting MySpace's return to Internet glory, we're still not entirely convinced JT doesn't know talent when he hears it. The video features the progressive hip-hop-rock-soul guys in their wardrobe of choice with a heavy plot line focused around uploading video content from their Nokia phones, which showcases their mentor's acquired expertise in business and virtual marketing. Timberlake drops by to hang out with his new crew and join in for some air drumming. So if you're a proponent of music from real instruments instead of overly digitized noise, Memphis swagger and lots of hoodies, this will probably be your go-to jam for fall. And if not, hey, look: it's Justin Timberlake.