Seth Meyers may be the host of this year's ESPY Awards—the first repeat host for the sports award show since Jamie Foxx pulled back-to-back duty in '03 and '04—but '08 host Justin Timberlake is still on the mind of the show producers. The pop star has been tabbed to hand out this year's Capital One Cup, a new trophy to reward "cumulative excellence in NCAA Division I athletics across a variety of men’s and women’s sports," and to be better versed in the world of college sports, he shadowed athletes at East Western State in their respective endeavors. Turns out for J-Tims, sports are hard and shit, and attempting to practice or compete in wrestling, lacrosse, track, soccer or volleyball just ends up with him getting thwacked in the balls numerous times. Go figure.

Hey, JT, you know what field you are really good at, for which you can actually win awards (real ones, too, ones that people take semi-seriously) instead of just handing them out, and which doesn't necessitate you pretending to get nailed in the junk a bunch of times? Ahh, forget it.