Justin Timberlake's "20/20 Experience" Reviewed: "Mirrors"

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When Justin Timberlake released "Mirrors" on Grammy night, its sheer length was cause for headlines: JT was back with a new song that was almost ten minutes long! If there's an upside to all the songs on The 20/20 Experience that just refuse to end, it's that the epic runtime of the album's second single is no longer such a novelty, letting "Mirrors" finally live on the strengths of its own tender vulnerability.

Justin's unending devotion to his beloved is a frequent theme on The 20/20 Experience, but never does he handle it better than on "Mirrors." The wacky objectification of "Suit and Tie" is gone, replaced with a quiet gratitude at the simple way being in love has made JT a better person: "I can't ever change without you ... I say goodbye to the old me, it's already gone." And while the endless codas of previous tracks droned on for ages without approaching a point, here the extended outro makes thematic sense."You are, you are / the love of my life" is JT's version of a mantra or the Jesus Prayer, a truth he repeats to himself until it's completely internalized.


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