A-JAX are one of the more publicized new Korean boy bands out of the gazillion that debuted this year --mostly due to their famous labelmates KARA—but they haven't quite managed to take off like some of the year's other rookies have. Why exactly, we're not sure. They've got good looks, smooth moves, and perfectly coiffed 'dos. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they're named after a household cleaning product? Whatever the reason is, we think it's about time that people started paying attention to A-JAX and their awesome new single, "2MYX."

"2MYX" (short for "To My Ex", in case you were unable to decipher the text-speak title), delivers a major dose of Dangerous era Michael Jackson during the verses, and then explodes into *NSYNC boy band swagger on the chorus. It's a potent combination of the early millennium Max Martin revival that's big in Korea right now (see: A Pink's "My My" and SPICA's "I'll Be There") and the King of Pop himself, who undoubtedly influenced the flawlessly polished performers of K-pop with his impeccable showmanship and unrivaled perfectionism.

If the MJ and *NSYNC comparisons aren't enough to convince you to give "2MYX" a shot, then perhaps the song's Girls' Generation connection will. According to reports, "2MYX" is a direct response to SNSD's badass 2010 hit "Run Devil Run", with both tracks sharing the same Swedish songwriter, Kalle Engström. It may have taken A-JAX a good two and a half years to hit back at the Divine Nine, but better late than never. Right?