K-pop Chart Report: Girl's Day Goes Top Five, 4minute Enters Top 20, Crayon Pop Climbs

It's taken them more than two years, but Girl's Day has finally cracked the top five again. The group's latest single, "Female President," debuts at No. 5 on this week's GAON chart, matching the peak position of their 2011 hit, "Twinkle Twinkle." With "Female President," Girl's Day's been able to out-peak "Expectation," which reached No. 9 back in March.

Last week's No. 1, SISTAR's "Give It To Me," trades places with Lee Seung Chul's "My Love," falling to No. 3. Meanwhile, Roy Kim's "Love Love Love" enters at No. 2, and Lim Kim's "All Right" falls to No. 4.

Verbal Jint's "Walking In The Rain" enters at No. 6, while SISTAR's album cut, "The Way You Make Me Melt," slips to No. 8. Sunny Hill's "Darling of All Hearts" follows No. 9 to become the group's fourth consecutive top ten single.

After spending one week in the top ten, After School's "First Love" falls to No. 13, followed closely by Dal Shabet's "Be Ambitious," which jumps ten places to No. 14. "Be Ambitious" is Dal Shabet's highest-charting song since last year's "Hit U," finally putting an end to the downward chart spiral the group's been on since Viki left. Now that they've at least stopped the bleeding, hopefully the group will be able to use this as a launchpad for a big breakout hit just like Girl's Day did with "Expectation" after "Don't Forget Me."

Debuting at No. 20 this week is 4minute's latest, "Is It Poppin'?" Normally we'd predict a huge second-week jump from the group, but "Is It Poppin'?" has already lost a lot of steam on the digital charts since its release. It initially looked set to repeat the success of "What's Your Name?," but now there's no chance. At best, it'll make the top ten.

B.A.P's new promo single, "Coffee Shop," enters at a disappointing No. 35, and the chance of it jumping higher next week is slim since the song has now fallen out of the top fifty of Melon's real-time chart. We were expecting higher from the boys since their last buzz single, "Rain Sound," was able to reach No. 15.

Last but not least is Crayon Pop, whose new single, "Bar Bar (+Bar)," jumps 53 spots to No. 90. To our knowledge, it's the rookie girl group's first top 100 entry, so even though it's not exactly a huge hit, it's progress.

Check out this week's key K-pop hits, below!

No. 2. Roy Kim - Love Love Love

No. 5. Girl's Day - Female President

No. 14. Dal Shabet - Be Ambitious

No. 35. B.A.P - Coffee Shop

No. 90. Crayon Pop - Bar Bar (+Bar)

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