K-pop Chart Report: IU Takes Over, T-ara and Kahi's Singles Debut, Seo In Young Soars

Just as we predicted last week, IU has completely taken over the charts with her stunning comeback album, Modern Times. The K-pop princess fills seven spots in the top 10 this week, beginning with her lead single, "The Red Shoes," at No. 1. Her Ga-In duet, "Everybody Has Secrets," is No. 2, followed by "Love of B" with Bak Ju-won at No. 3, "Between The Lips" at No. 4, "A Gloomy Clock" featuring SHINee's Jongyun at No. 6, "Modern Times" at No. 7, and "Bad Day" at No. 6. The remaining Modern Times tracks all debuted within the top 20.

I guess this officially confirms that IU has well & truly reclaimed her crown following her scandal, right?

Elsewhere on the chart, Superstar K4 contestant, Jung Joon-young, debuts at No. 4 with his new single, "The Sense of Ending," while last week's No. 1, Busker Busker's "First Love," falls to No. 8 due to IU's domination. 

"Love Me," the latest single from Seo In Young, rockets nine spots to No. 10 in its second week. It's a shame that the popular K-diva had to make her return at the same time as IU, because if she'd just timed things a bit better, she could've possibly scored the highest-charting single of her solo career.

Meanwhile, the controversial T-ara arrive at No. 20 with their comeback single, "No. 9." Like Seo In Young, they'll probably climb higher in their second week, but they're also going to have to suffer the consequences of releasing new music at the same time as IU. It probably would've been better for the group if they'd just waited a week or two before returning so that they could've landed a higher-charting song and proved their naysayers wrong. They're still doing very well, though, all things considered, and even have another track, "I Know The Feeling," at No. 41 this week.

While we're on the subject of people who should've timed their comebacks better, former After School star, Kahi, enters the charts at No. 45 with her second solo single, "It's Me." Unfortunately, unlike Seo In Young and T-ara, "It's Me" isn't showing any longevity on the digital charts whatsoever, and probably won't climb any higher next week.

Other new debuts for the week include VIXX and OKDAL's "Girls, Why?" at No. 57, and 2EYES' "Shooting Star" at No. 90.

Check out this week's key K-pop hits, below!

No. 1. IU - The Red Shoes

No. 10. Seo In Young - Love Me feat. Gaeko

No. 20 T-ara - No. 9

No. 45. Kahi - It's Me feat. Dumbfoundead

No. 57. VIXX & OKDAL - Girls, Why?

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