K-pop Chart Report: New Hits From Hi Suhyun, AOA, Kyuhyun, Lovelyz, And More!

After MC Mong took over the entire top ten of last week's Korean singles chart, some other songs have got a chance to shine again this week.

At the top of the list is YG Entertainment's new teen duo, Hi Suhyun, who slide in at No. 1 with their first single, "I'm Different."

Just behind is Super Junior's Kyuhyun, who makes an impressive debut at No. 2 with his first solo single, "At Gwanghwamun."

AOA's "Like a Cat" debuts at No. 5, matching the peak position of their last single, "Short Hair." Although the girl group hasn't been able to climb any higher than five, their songs usually stick around for a while and end up selling a large amount in the long run.

The new TEEN TOP single, "I'm Sorry," arrives at No. 33, which is a big drop from their last hit, September's "Missing," which peaked at No. 8.

Scraping into the top forty is Woolim Entertainment's rookie girl group Lovelyz, who make No. 40 with their pre-release single, "GoodNight Like Yesterday."

And last but not least is Hello Venus, who jump up five spots this week to No. 87 with "Sticky Sticky." Despite this being the song's peak so far, it's still the lowest-charting single of their career.

Check out this week's new K-pop hits below.

No. 1. Hi Suhyun - I'm Different

No. 2. Kyuhyun - At Gwanghwamun

No. 5. AOA - Like a Cat

No. 33. TEEN TOP - I'm Sorry

No. 40. Lovelyz - Goodnight Like Yesterday

No. 87. Hello Venus - Sticky Sticky

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