K-pop Chart Report: SHINee's "Everybody" Shoots To The Top, T-ara Hits The Top Five

SHINee had some crazy competition on the charts this past week, but the boys were still able to debut at No. 1 with their latest single, "Everybody." They dethroned IU's "The Red Shoes," which slips to No. 2, to claim the sixth chart-topper of their career. Pretty impressive when you consider that they were up against the likes of IU, T-ara, K.Will, and a slew of big OST tracks.

Speaking of T-ara, the group shoots fifteen spots to No. 5 this week with their big comeback single, "No. 9." The top five entry easily trumps the No. 11 peak of T-ara N4's "Countryside Life" back in May, and is just one spot lower than the No. 4 peak of last year's "Sexy Love."

Welcome back, girls!

Meanwhile, the new K.Will single, "You Don't Know Love," arrives at No. 4, but is in strong contention to rise to No. 1 next week.

G-Dragon's "Crooked" is showing some serious longevity, bouncing back to No. 10 after more than a month on the chart.

Nine Muses' new single, "Gun," makes a surprising debut at No. 16, marking a career high for the group. It's been lagging on the digital charts, though, so expect a huge drop next week.

More than a month after its initial release, Ladies' Code's "Pretty Pretty" spends another week in the top forty at No. 33. This longevity further proves that Ladies' Code is the biggest rookie girl group to debut this year (Crayon Pop debuted last year, FYI).

Another rookie girl group, AOA, enter at No. 40 with"Confused." Not too bad, but not great, either.

Former After School songstress, Kahi, slips to No. 51 with "It's Me" after debuting at a disappointing No. 45 last week. It's a shame to see it doing so badly, but not a surprise considering the stiff competition right now.

Speaking of flops, BESTie's latest tune, "Love Options," crawls in at No. 113, while SPICA's Kim Bo Hyung is one spot lower at No. 114 with her solo single, "Crazy Girl."

Check out this week's key K-pop hits, below!

No. 1. SHINee - Everybody

No. 4. K.Will - You Don't Know Love

No. 16. Nine Muses - Gun

No. 40. AOA - Confused

No. 113. BESTie - Love Options

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