K-pop Chart Report: SISTAR's Soyou Hits The Top, STELLAR Proves Sex Sells

SISTAR domination has officially crossed over into 2014, with the group's lead vocalist, Soyou, hitting No. 1 this week with her Junggigo duet, "Some."

The breezy midtempo takes the top spot by a rather large margin, and could very well remain there next week if its current digital sales are anything to go by.

"Some" is the second solo No. 1 for Soyou, and if you add up all of SISTAR's chart-toppers between their solos, group songs, and sub-units, they've amassed nine altogether.

SM the Ballad is the other big winner this week, with their single "Breath" entering at No. 3, followed by "A Day Without You" at No. 8, and "Set Me Free" at No. 18.

Ga-In falls out the top ten, with "Truth or Dare" slipping to No. 11 and "Fxxk U" dropping to No. 13, while AOA's "Miniskirt" holds steady at No. 14 for another week.

Girl's Day's "Something" also leaves the top ten for the first time, dipping down to No. 16 after eight weeks. It's currently the biggest hit of the year and is still ranking high on Korea's various digital charts, so don't expect it to disappear just yet.

SPICA's "You Don't Love Me" slips five spots to No. 21, while B.A.P's "Angel (1004)" is down to No. 23.

Ladies' Code's "So Wonderful" comes in at No. 33, narrowly out-peaking their debut single, "Bad Girl," which peaked one spot lower. It's a disappointing entry by the group's standards considering that their last two singles made the top twenty, but don't count them out just yet -- not only is there a chance that they could jump higher next week, but Ladies' Code are also known for their chart longevity, so "So Wonderful" could end up making decent sales in the long run.

Speaking of longevity, Rainbow Blaxx's "Cha Cha" is at No. 37 exactly one month after its initial release. It's not exactly what you'd classify as a hit, but it's hung around much longer than anybody expected it to.

A big new debut this week is the controversial STELLAR, who enter at No. 42 with "Marionette," and at No. 1 on the Social Chart. This might not sound like much, but considering that up until this point STELLAR's singles barely scraped into the lower end of the top 100, it's not too bad at all. "Marionette" is also one of the most-viewed K-pop videos of the year, amassing over 2 million views in its first week alone, and the song itself is already guaranteed to have a longer chart run than their previous singles, so overall STELLAR's comeback should be considered a success by their standards.

Check out this week's new K-pop hits, below!

No. 1. Soyou & Junggigo - Some

No. 3. SM the Ballad - Breathe

No. 6. Hyorin - Let It Go

No. 33. Ladies' Code - So Wonderful

No. 42. STELLAR - Marionette