SISTAR19 are predictably on top of the GAON singles chart this week with their smash hit, "Gone Not Around Any Longer." It's currently the biggest K-pop song of 2013, and will likely be No. 1 again for a third consecutive week when the next chart is unveiled. While the rest of the top ten remains relatively unchanged from last week, further down is a slew of fresh debuts.

The new B.A.P single, "One Shot," comes in at No. 17, tying "Crash" as the group's second highest-charting tune to date. One spot lower is the new Rainbow track, "Tell Me Tell Me," while TEEN TOP's latest effort, "I Wanna Love," comes in at No. 28.

Meanwhile, NU'EST's surprisingly good new single, "Hello," debuts at a so-so No. 51. It's not an exceptionally great position, but it's still an improvement over the group's last two singles, "FACE" and "Action." Only a few spots lower is rookie girl group, Two X, whose new single, "Ring Ma Bell," arrives at No. 56, also marking a step up from their previous releases.

Female rookie duo, Jevice, debut at No. 73 with their big new dance ballad, "Cause of U," while another female duo, EXID sub-unit, Dasoni, come in at No. 88 with their underwhelming single, "Goodbye." Dasoni's chart position isn't anything to write home about, but it's made even more disappointing by the fact that EXID's new non-promoted soundtrack single, "Up & Down," achieves more success at No. 53 this week.

Outside of the new debuts, the chart's other most notable move is Nine Muses' "Dolls," which slips just one spot this week to No. 34. This is the song's fourth week in the top forty, cementing the once struggling girl group's long-awaited arrival to K-pop relevancy.

Check out the week's key K-pop hits, below.

No. 1 - SISTAR19 - Gone Not Around Any Longer

No. 17 - B.A.P - One Shot

No. 18 - Rainbow - Tell Me Tell Me

No. 28 - TEEN TOP - I Wanna Love

No. 56 - Two X - Ring Ma Bell