K-pop Chart Roundup: PSY Remains at No. 1, Reaches Top Five of Billboard Hot 100

Despite being deemed unsuitable for broadcast by KBS, PSY's "Gentleman" manages to spend a another week at No. 1 on South Korea's GAON singles chart this week. The song was able to fend off strong competition from legendary singer, Cho Yong-pil, who settles for No. 2 with his new pre-release single, "Bounce."

Over in America, "Gentleman" leaps 12-5 on the Billboard Hot 100, giving PSY his second top five hit in the country. The chart jump is primarily due to huge streaming points from the "Gentleman" music video, since the actual song itself only sold 72,000 downloads this week and picked up a paltry 65 radio spins, proving that U.S. radio has yet to fully embrace PSY. If you remember correctly, it was a lack of airplay that prevented "Gangnam Style" from overtaking Maroon 5 at the top of the Hot 100 last year, despite "Gangnam Style" arguably being the biggest song in the world at that time.

Back to Korea now, where Lyn's Baechigi-assisted pre-release single, "Tonight," climbs four places to No. 3, replacing 15&'s "Somebody," which falls five places to No. 8.

Meanwhile, Lee Hi clocks another week in the top ten, with "Rose" slipping one place to No. 9, while her other single, "It's Over," drops nine spots to No. 48.

Jay Park's "JOAH" holds steady at No. 17, while one of his personal favorite girl groups, Girl's Day, returns to the top twenty, with "Expectation" rising two spots to No. 20.

Ballad trio, Gavy NJ, debuts at No. 49 with "Farewell Theater," while D-Unit's "Thank You," featuring acclaimed underground rapper, Beenzino, debuts at No. 75. D-Unit's music video was only released about two days ago, so hopefully the song will rise on next week's chart.

Speaking of next week's chart, expect total Cho Yong-pil domination. "Bounce" will continue to chart high, on top of big debuts from every track from his new album, including the official lead single, "Hello," featuring Verbal Jint.

Check out this week's key K-pop hits, below.

No. 1. PSY - Gentleman

No. 2. Cho Yong-pil - Bounce

No. 3. Lyn feat. Baechigi - Tonight

No. 17. Jay Park - JOAH

No. 75. D-Unit feat Beenzino - Thank You

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