With South Korea having the highest suicide rates in the world, it's sadly not uncommon to see Korean celebrities ending their lives. In 2011, singer Chae Dong Ha from popular ballad group SG Wannabe was found dead in his apartment at the age of 29, while in the same year, MBC anchorwoman Song Ji Sun died after jumping from her 19th floor apartment. With celebrity suicide an unfortunate reality in Korea, fans were naturally worried today when Kahi, the former leader of successful girl group After School, posted an ominous message about suicide on her official Twitter account.

Translated, it read: "I am.not afraid.from death.but.i hate.Sucide.I.would still live.if i wanted to die.just. hate it so much.I really…hate it….hate it.so much. ……"

She then followed it up with a quote from the poem, Some Decision, by Lee Hae In: “When my heart hurt a lot, I just lived by the day. When my body hurt a lot, I just lived by the moment. In any situation, I decided not to blame anyone. When I thought that the day I was given was my entire life, happiness smiled from far away and came to me."

Netizens have been concerned for the songstress since reading her gloomy tweets, but their fear has turned out to be unfounded. Apparently, Kahi was simply speaking out against suicide following the recent death of Cho Hyeon Gil, the producer of popular K-dramas, Iris and Athena, who is rumored to have committed suicide after being found dead in his car this week. Kahi's also actively campaigned for suicide prevention, so it's probably safe to say that her tweets were in no way related to her own life being in danger.


Now that we've gotten that out of the way, can we please get another solo album from Kahi? Her sophomore effort was supposed to drop back in September, and it's still not here. Boo!