CNBLUE have made the first major boy band comeback of 2013 with the release of their fourth mini-album and it's accompanying lead single, "I'm Sorry." In the past, the quartet have earned comparisons to Maroon 5 due to their shared love of funky, hook-laden pop-rock; "I'm Sorry" doesn't particularly resemble the American band at all, but if a connection had to be made, it'd be to the pre-Max Martin M5 of the old days. The song is a relatively angsty slice of melodic teen rock, tailored tailored for the radio with tight melodies and a chorus so simple and catchy ("I'm sorry! You tell me sorry!") that even Helen Keller could probably remember it.

"I'm Sorry" is more impressive for the fact that it was entirely written and produced by CNBLUE's leader, Yonghwa. There's aren't too many K-pop artists creatively involved in their music, let alone ones composing songs that are so obviously hits. It puts Yongwa in the same company as BIGBANG's G-Dragon and B1A4's Jinyoung, both of whom have been behind some of their respective groups' biggest tunes.

"I'm Sorry" has been dominating the digital charts since its release yesterday, but that was to be expected. CNBLUE have really blown up in the past two years, racking up No. 1 singles and albums in both Korea and Japan. And by the look of things so far, 2013 isn't going to be any different.