One more entry for the "videos that shamelessly parody pop culture" dossier: British group Kaiser Chiefs' video for "Kinda Girl You Are," which manages to get Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Britney Spears! Lookalikes all, but it's a cool concept to imagine being real. Faux-Britney has tiger-print dice in the mirror and walks around pouting. Faux-Beyonce wears a lot of sequins and laughs even more. Faux-Gaga still has her hair hairbow from years ago and wears chaps for some reason. Together, they dance around cars, cavort in shopping carts, play-kiss dazed guys and stroll around town like the badass supergroup they aren't in real life--at least until they fight, flee and eat takeout. It's played about as seriously as you're expecting from that description.

Put another way, this is the "Telephone" video with 50% more stars, 50% less crime, 150% more vague creepiness when paired with the lyrics, but most pertinently, 200% more potential to go viral among people who probably hadn't heard of or cared about the Kaiser Chiefs before. Well played. Now let's not kid ourselves about who's rescuing whom.