We recently detailed the many similarities between Kanye West and Los Angeles Laker Metta World Peace, but really, Kanye has way more in common with the ex-Ron Artest's teammate, Kobe Bryant. Both are recognized but controversial geniuses of their craft, obsessed with achieving their field's highest level of greatness but often coming off as selfish, egomaniacal and occasionally downright villainous in the name of their art. It seems fitting to see Kanye showing up in a promotion for the latest installment in Bryant's Nike line, the Kobe System—along with such other greats of their respective fields as Serena Williams, Richard Branson, Aziz Ansari and Tony Robbins.

The commercial features these titans of industry pondering questions of accomplishment beyond even their already sizeable achievements. Kanye doesn't get the best one—that's a three-way tie between Jerry Rice's "Is there such a thing as a no-handed catch?," Serena Williams' "Is there such a thing as a grander slam?" and Richard Branson's "What do you buy after you buy a planet?"—but "What comes after platinum?" and "What's higher than the top of the charts?" are worthwhile questions, nonetheless. Now we just hope that Kobe shows up in a commercial for Watch the Throne 2: Throne-Watching in Paris when the time is right. After the playoffs, of course.