Meet Kanyeresa West—excuse us, Mrs. Kanye West—a devoted Yeezy fan and aspiring artist with perhaps the highest threshold for pain we've ever come across. Following the Drake fan who got his name tatted across her forehead in the name of love, West has inked Yeezy's moniker across her ass. As in both cheeks. "I basically was just doing all type of things to say 'I love you more than all those girls,'" she explained in a recent Chicago radio interview with DJ Moon Dawg.

Born Lindaresa, the performer—whose regular string of gigs includes hitting the Chicago subway in a wedding dress—legally changed her name to "Kanyeresa West" in April 2011, after experiencing the frustrating red tape that comes with trying to use "Kanye West" as a stage name, in hopes of getting the attention of "the man she really loves." Nothing is more alluring than a stalker! The body art began with "Kanye" across her arm, then quickly spread down below. Proud of her decision, the most recent acquisition will even become the cover image for her upcoming book. Even though he's probably busy with DONDA stuff and shopping for Baby Blue, Kanyeresa is unfazed by what we might think of her, adamant that embarrassing herself on the internet this is the way to her man's heart. "Kanye likes people who is completely into him [sic]," she explained. "He was raised by a mom who gave him 100% attention and 100% honor and put nobody before him. And that's how he likes his girls." We hope Amber Rose is watching.