You've heard of Kim Kardsashian, Amber Rose, maybe even Alexis Phifer, but in the grand scheme of Kanye West ex-girlfriends, MTV production assistant Brooke Crittendon probably goes under the radar somewhat. Her claim to fame, if any, appears to be being the last "normal girl" Kanye ever dated, and as such, she has rare insight into the life and mind of 'Ye—some of which she recently shared with the Sun to share, in light of West's impending fatherhood. Revelations include:

  • Kanye cheats, but with class. "He definitely had an appreciation for the feminine form and a curiosity. As a celebrity, sex becomes cheap but his obsession with sex was more sophisticated."
  • Kanye needs constant reassurance. "One night the show was delayed because he couldn’t find me. He refused to go on till I’d told him it was going to be OK.”
  • Kanye follows Jay-Z in all things. "Whether it is starting to be more mature, taking chances with clothes or getting married and starting a family, ultimately he takes those cues from Jay.”
  • Kanye gets consoled by rock legends when he loses at the Grammys. "We went to his first Grammy Awards together in 2006. He was nominated for Album Of The Year for Late Registration and U2 won. I remember Bono came to his dressing room after the show and said he thought Kanye should have won and that he was a big fan."

But by far the most interesting tidbit from the Crittendon interview is a buried bit about a particular indulgence of 'Ye's:

His place in New York was opulent. I remember this chair that was made completely of teddy bears. He loved it.

A chair made completely of teddy bears? How does that even work? Is it just made of teddy bear material ("This shit is 100% pure teddy bear, straight up") or can you actually little teddy bear faces and arms and legs and button noses? How is that structurally sound? How is it not incredibly creepy??

Any Popdust readers with first-hand teddy bear chair experience, hit us up. We are officially curious.