Miss Kanye West's headlining gig at Coachella this year, because life is cruel and the obstacles standing in the way of picking up and jetting off to the West Coast for three days of music and celebrity-watching are many? Well, good thing that 'Yeezy loves you guys, because he's decided to release a free "mixtape" of his Coachella live show, with all 29 (!) songs from the set being made available for download. The tracklist includes Kanye classics like "Power," "Through the Wire" and "Gold Digger," as well as deeper cuts like "Hell of a Life" and "Say You Will" and even notable guest 'Ye verses like "E.T.," "Swagger Like Us" and "Run This Town."

It's probably not quite the same without all the dancers and cranes, but we'll certainly be listening to it with our eyes closed and imaginations running wild soon enough. You can download it in its entirety here, and in case you need a taster...

Paramount Pictures Get FX'ed With Percy3D: Launch of Enhanced iOS App Features Exclusive Movie Clips for Consumers to Personalize.

Telecommunications Weekly February 1, 2012 Percy3D unveils entirely new native iPhone and iPad apps featuring easy to use, streamlined interfaces for its PercyFX app as it joins creative forces with Paramount Pictures to launch exclusive movie clips that can be quickly personalized and shared on the iOS platform. The creative web services company encourages people to 'put yourself in the picture' using the latest 3D visual effects and multimedia technologies. Consumers can customize clips from iconic films like 'Forrest Gump' to showcase their own special version of a Paramount mini movie clip.

The interactive PercyFX app melds the best of entertainment and technology. Working with Paramount Pictures -- America's oldest studio that is also consistently ranked as one of the top-grossing film studios -- the PercyFX app provides film enthusiasts a chance to appreciate their favorite scenes from both new and classic films with the added technology twist of including tailored texts as if they were really part of the movie.

Accessing Paramount's extensive vault of titles, the PercyFX app allows users to browse through current movies such as the computer-animated film, 'Rango,' cult favorites such as 'Mean Girls' or celebrated flicks like 'Forrest Gump' bringing immediate exposure to both new and classic films. go to web site free blackberry apps

Percy3D provides branded content owners such as Paramount Pictures the ability to take films directly to on-the-go fans with the latest mobile technology. As well, users may now engage with the studio's content on a more intimate level. The app itself, designed to be a new form of social expression, provides custom videos with studio-quality 3D visual effects on-demand in just seconds. Once a clip is selected and bought, users are asked to type in text that is incorporated as a freely moving message within the selected movie clip, thus creating a '3D' effect instead of a static image. The user can then share it with others and keep the personalized clip as long as they wish. site free blackberry apps

Each completed clip on PercyFX features a prominent call to action, with links to sites for purchase or rental of the full length movie from which the clip originates. Videos can be played on smart phones, tablets, home computers and connected TVs.

"The ability to customize 3D visual effects with licensed material in under a minute is a new concept in the social and mobile arena and we're excited to demonstrate the technology with a content provider such as Paramount Pictures that has a long-standing history of powerhouse blockbusters," said Julie Steiner, founder and president, Percy3D. "By working with the studio, we're able to showcase Paramount's classics to a new audience and provide an opportunity to reconnect to favorite films of today by personalizing a clip or providing an avenue to purchase the entire movie online. The way people interact with media is expanding, and we're pleased Paramount is embracing this new form of entertainment with Percy3D." PercyFX is available through native iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry apps. Widening its audience even further, the technology is expected to roll out in the next few months on native Android and Windows Mobile apps as well. Users can choose from a variety of films exclusive to the PercyFX app starting at three for $.99, with additional volume pricing options available. Clip content for individual films will regularly be added and refreshed to encourage users to return.