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UPDATE: Kanye West Hurt by Beyonce, Jay Z, MTV, and Radio-Cancels Rest of US Tour

It all falls down for Kanye West as he performs two songs, says he's on his 'Trump Shit', rants, and exits, leaving twitter wondering what happened to Donda's son.

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UPDATE: 11/21/16 6:39AM -According to LA Times reporter Gerrick Kennedy, the rest of the US tour is cancelled

Oh when it all, it all falls down. Kanye West has lost it. I'm not entirely sure what 'it' is, or if there is even an universal definition or words to string together that can accurately describe 'it', but for me, the characteristics that made south side Chicago's own so endearing in and outside of his music have disappeared into the same portal as Detox , the greatest Dr. Dre album to never be released. Don't misunderstand me, the Grammy award winning Kanye West is still and will forever be one of the most talented producers, creative visionaries, and ambitious businessmen in the entertainment industry; but the passion, authenticity, and confidence that made the Old Kanye lovable has evolved into something I, and many others, cannot connect with, especially after last night's rant. While performing his second song, "Famous", he stops a quarter of a way into to the song and screams, "Radio, Fuck you!".

I say evolve, because when West began what some first hand accounts have labeled a 25 minute rant while on his Sacramento stop of the Saint Pablo tour, he was just as passionate, honest, and confident, as the Kanye I previously enjoyed. The problem, is that he packaged all of those traits I prevoiusly was enamored with in the unappealing wrapper of narcissism, which Wikipedia defines as the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one's own attributes. But let's be real, Kanye doesn't care how I feel. Or how you feel, for that matter. He's a Gemini, which means he only cares about the end result. Combine one of the zodiac's most ever changing signs with a self serving motive, and the guy who once spoke out on behalf of injustices to others, now only speaks out on behalf of perceived injustices against himself . While Old Kanye was willing to risk it all to educate America on systematic oppression and the forgotten families still plagued by the damage of Katrina when the levies broke (a moment that George Bush laughably labeled his worst moment in his presidency), New Kanye's main concern is will he be heard first and loudest. The man who brought us 7 studio albums wants to be 'understood'. I get it Mr. West, my spirit just doesn't agree with the public emotional catharsis caused by your hubris, but again, Kanye could care less about what I think. His main objective is to be heard, or as he says in last night's rant that lasted longer than his total performance time, "I'm on my Trump shit tonight. I'm going to say how i feel, I'm going to be 'Ye and win." At least he said it in his real voice, because a 20 minute rant in his Kris Jenner Show/Keeping up With the Kardashian voice would have been brutal.

My problem with Kanye now, is that he has become that guy you question if you ever really knew. You know the type. The friend who was always seemed to be in your corner, until you realized he was really in his corner. The friend who thought you were the greatest, until it interfered with their idea of who you are, and what that individual had planned for their future. The friend who valued you as it related to them, but when you started focusing more on your goals and not theirs, they commented on the distance and perceived everything as a slight, until you had to tell them, 'I'm just focusing on what's important to me. ' See, when Kanye was standing next to Jay, who was standing next to Bey, who could have been anywhere in the world, but was there with him, it was good for his ego. And there is no doubt in my mind Kanye really valued the friendship, and expected a loyalty that somewhere along the line he felt was betrayed. I'm not one to minimize feelings. As Kanye shouted in his rant, "feelings matter". But feelings only seem to matter when they are his, or when they are in alignment with West's views. Because performing "Waves" twice and "Famous" once before ranting and leaving your own show early after being an hour late doesn't take into account the feelings of the people who paid between $100-$300 a ticket for your show in a city where the average income is $60,000, even if you did bring the "prodigal son", Kudi, out. That was bill money, entertainment money, new shoe money. Hell they could have purchased two bottles of their favorite spirit and had Kanye Karaoke and witnessed a better show. But back to Kudi, fresh out of rehab and obviously happy t be on stage with his mentor. 'Ye labeled him the greatest in his rant, to be succeeded by the ASAP Mob, and preceded by the greats such as KRS1, ATQ, and DMX . Nah, Kanye. Aligning yourself with greats, who without a shadow of a doubt you do deserve to name as your inspirations, does not excuse this asinine behavior. I liked it better when you used twitter to express your views. With twitter, you have 140 characters, you can be muted and tweets can be deleted instead of wasting the time and money of your beloved fans. I guess their feelings didn't matter, huh bro?

But this is common narcissistic behavior. They rally people behind them, by appealing to their emotions, as Kanye attempted to do in his rant. It was fuck Google and Facebook and MTV for the sake of the audience initially. Google and Facebook lied to the audience about the election according to Kanye (which made me think he did not know how the search engine or social network actually worked), and we never were told why we should hate MTV, but after more ranting the answer became clear. Google and Samsung are in bed together which Kanye constantly tells us is slowing up the music, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg did not give Kanye money after the rapper announced he was in debt and MTV awarded Beyonce for the "Formation" video instead of West for the "Famous" video. He also exposed everyone he calls friend—Jay Z and Khaled for having killers, Beyonce for allegedly refusing to perform at the VMAs unless Formation won, and program directors for having to play shitty music when they didn't want to because they were paid. With the tranquil tone of a psychiatrist while negotiating with a person who causes self-harm or is a danger to others I say unto you, 'Kanye, stop'. Much like you, 'I am not here to massage you with a fake truth'. Kanye's singles have been charting Billboard since 2004. That is 12 years of silence on what today, is your biggest problem with radio. That's strange. Your biggest fans,and apologists are tired. Your crowd is literally screaming eff you, and at this rate, North West will always be just a direction to baby Blue Ivy Carter.

In your rant, you told Q-Tip you loved the ATCQ album, but not tell you how to be you. Fair enough. I know my words, and the words of so many others will not sway your behavior. The same traits that make you amazing, are what make you annoying right now, including being stubborn. But maybe these words, your own, will help.

It seems we living the american dream
But the people highest up got the lowest self esteem
The prettiest people do the ugliest things
For the road to riches and diamond rings
We shine because they hate us, floss cause they degrade us
We trying to buy back our 40 acres
And for that paper, look how low we a'stoop
Even if you in a Benz, you still a n—in a coop(coupe)