Well, as long as he was in New York to promote Watch the Throne at Monday night's listening party with buddy/not buddy Jay-Z, Kanye West may as well stop by pal Nicki Minaj's gig at Nassau Coliseum to drop a verse or two. (What else is there to do in New York but show up at rap mega-events, anyway?) He came out at the house that Denis Potvin built last night for a duet with Nicki Minaj on the duo's old hit "Monster," Nicki looking absolutely pleased as punch to have big bro Kanye there, so much so that she actually skips on stage with him.

It's a nice moment, though Kanye threatens to ruin it with his odd wardrobe choices—next time, someone should really remind him to take off the plaid shirt he has wrapped around his waist before going out to, y'know, meet people.


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