After wedding specials and divorce jokes, Kim Kardashian has officially left her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries behind her. No, technically those marriage-dissolving papers haven't been signed yet, but Kim and boyfriend Kanye West have now spent 73 glorious, paparazzi-baiting days together as a couple, making their relationship longer than that of her failed marriage to the Nets player. This count began when they were first photographed "hand-holding" on April 23; those who'd rather go off of Yeezy's "Theraflu" reveal and subsequent marathon date earlier in the month most likely have already had parties in honor of the couple. But a Kimye milestone coming the week of Independence Day? What a way to celebrate America.

Now that they've been a couple for 73 days (and counting), note entirely just to prove naysayers wrong, we welcome the public arguments about why BET cameras didn't cut to Kim during Kanye's performance of "Way Too Cold" (and a certain referential line) at Sunday's award show, and why Hov refuses to give her a hug.