Kanye West Does Have Time For Justin Bieber's New Album

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Between his design work, name-changing and gallivanting around New York City with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West's schedule has been quite full of late. If he can't find time to acknowledge his unofficial godchild via Twitter—are we the only ones bothered by this?—how can he possibly squeeze in a studio session with a Canadian teen? As if we needed further proof that Justin Bieber is the most influential underage artist in music right now, his upcoming collaboration with Kanye West has been officially confirmed. The Bieb has been talking about his plans to work with West on his new album since last fall, but we had yet to see or hear real proof of the matter. Throw in the smattering of other big-name artists and producers wrangled together for Believe-Usher, Drake, Pharrell and Diplo among them—and we almost forgot about the Yeezy mention all together. (Just don't tell him that.) Luckily, celebrity bodyguards know the best secrets:

Kenny Hamilton, Bieber's security guru and jack of all trades,revealed photographic evidence of West in a New York studio on Friday via Twitter. From the photo we can see West ostensibly crafting new beats for what should be a diverse offering of musical maturity, while preparing to give Bieber freestyle lessons on the side. Despite the different approaches when it comes to handling Taylor Swift's surprise face, West has been a fan of Bieber's for some time, remixing his My Love 2.0 track, "Runaway Love," as part of G.O.O.D. Fridays in 2010. If all goes well, expect Bieber to lay down his own "Way Too Cold" remix in the near future.

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