You're Fired! Kanye West is Cleaning House

Reports say the rapper suffered a "nervous breakdown" after his poorly-received runway show

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The West-Kardashian clan has always existed under intense scrutiny and Kim's recent robbery has only increased the media's heavy stare. News broke earlier today that Kanye is cleaning house after the the overwhelming surge of criticism his Yeezy Season 4 fashion show endured, Daily Mail reports.

"He had his agent fire all 30 of his staff after the fashion show and got rid of his phone so people can only contact him via e-mail," an undisclosed source told Daily Mail. "He had a nervous breakdown after the show and that's what triggered it all."

The news is not that surprising.

The Yeezy Season 4 show was viciously attacked by fashion insiders-- who were massively upset and feral after being forced to wait in the sweltering sun for hours, no way to leave Roosevelt Island except by the buses Kanye had arranged and provided. Videos of models passing out from the smothering heat were largely circulated around the web, many fans expressing sheer confusion and outrage towards West for appearing to care more about executing an absurd art spectacle more than the health and well-being of his models. West had also come under attack from fans before the show even started, enduring criticism for putting out a model casting call that called for "multiracial women only."

'He took stock in what people were saying and he was disappointed— but he's more determined than ever to get that stuff right,' Daily Mail's source went on to report. "He's a grown-up. He was reflective and disappointed in how things went."

"And as far as throwing away his cellphone? If he did, then it's not the first time,"' the second source said. "'He always does that."

Kanye is making big changes after the recent attack his wife faced. He has postponed his Saint Pablo Tour in order to be by Kim's side, explaining the postponement with "family concerns" on his website. The Sun reported the couple has 30 bodyguards and 11 cars outside the Tribeca building they are currently staying at.

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