Kanye West joins the ranks of Eminem, Future and, yes, Chris Brown, among the list of Rihanna's latest collaborators, lending his voice Unapologetic track "Jump" as well as a remix to its lead single, "Diamonds." Rih's seventh album marks the first time these two have teamed up since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy's "All of the Lights" and while 'Ye presence is certainly a present on most occasions, here it delivers no shortage of musings on everything from Will Smith's titular NBC character—clearly we're not alone in being able to recite the theme song to The Fresh Prince on command—to Hurricane Sandy ("And we made it through the hurricane/ So celebrate and light the Mary Jane"). Whether or not RiRi was in the Big Apple during this month's storm, we're confident she's A-OK with that plan.

Sticking a (lengthy) Yeezy verse in front of her unconvincing defense "I choose to be happy" is either in part to ensure that her track reaches No. 1, or just another chance for Kanye to remind the world about conflict diamonds—the exact opposite of what RiRi is doling out to our pal Boobs, and 150 other photographers and journalists, aboard her giant birdie in the sky.

Check it out below.