No More Politics for Kanye

Kanye West has decided it's time to hang up his "Make America Great Again" cap.

He has declared he's "distancing" himself from (most) things politics and getting back to being creative. Trump must be miffed since mid-terms are right around the corner.

Taking to Twitter (where else?), West went on a bit of a tirade as he came to the conclusion that he has "been used to spread messages" he doesn't believe in. Used by whom? That's up for debate.

But what about West's ideas about changing up the constitution by "abolishing the 13th amendment? He came back to claim he meant to suggest amending it, but perhaps West's confusion and lack of political perspective are the reasons he decided politics are not his strong suit.

Naturally, Trump thought he hit the jackpot when he found a staunch supporter in West. Standing up for the president's platform, laughing and lunching in the White House, and orating in the Oval Office was just what Trump needed from a guy as popular as West. In Trump's (and West's) world, any publicity is considered a plus, so the Trump-West bromance was a match made in 'how-did-we-get-here?' heaven.

Now that West has stirred up social media with his promise/threat to cease chiming in on politics, what happens to his role in the Blexit movement? The clothing he created for the campaign is already out there, but we probably won't be seeing it on runways next Fashion Week. He tweeted:

So, West has seen the light. "West for President" won't be in the cards but maybe a new album will come out of this. He thanked his loved ones for supporting him and gave a shoutout to those who serve and protect the U.S.A. But does he still support Trump? For West's sake, he'd better stay on the tweeter-in-chief's good side, otherwise we know a public put-down will be posted at 2 AM.

Good luck Kanye. Politics isn't for everyone.

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