Between his two eligible albums, Kanye West leads all artists with seven Grammy Award nominations, per Wednesday night's announcement. While My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Watch The Throne are both up for Best Rap Album, there's a noticeable absence of Yeezy in the Album of the Year category, giving his own "Imma let you finish" quote an entire new sense of relevancy more than two years later. But put down those "Kanye Was Robbed!" articles, everyone. Yeezy has something to say! During Watch The Throne's stop at Chicago's United Center on Thursday night, he took a moment to acknowledge what everyone was talking about hours earlier. But not without opening the door for compliments first, in the form of roaring applause at the mention that he has the most Grammy nominations of any artist ("Like we always do at this time"). Only then did Yeezy reveal what he believes the cause of the "snub" to be—other than the possibility that Grammy voters just didn't think MBDTF was Album of the Year-worthy, of course. "I figured out though that's my fault for dropping Watch The Throne and Dark Fantasy the same year," he explained. "I should have just spaced it out just a little bit more. But don't worry because me and Hov are gonna keep on making shit." Attaboy, Kanye. Screw the man and his strangely subjective ways.

And with that, he quickly paid some compliments to his hometown before performing "All Falls Down" (not "Through the Wire," to the disappointment of the excited fan recording the video). But how many times did they do "Ni--as In Paris? Eight. Huh? You're next, New Orleans.