The latest video for DJ Khaled's "I Wish You Would/Cold," featuring Kanye West and Rick Ross, is not for the faint of heart, nor those easily susceptible motion sickness. While quick cuts overpower each man's attempts to live their best ham life for the camera, it's almost unbearable to watch, lights flashing and stomach churning faster and faster with each passing second. No warning this time around, 'Ye? But you'll want to power through until the end, if only to bear witness to the Kim Kardshian cameo at 5:12. Yes, when director Hype Williams wasn't finding new ways to reacquaint you with your lunch in this two-for-one special, he was meticulously carving out enough space for (all of) Kim Kardashian to fit inside the latest visual from three of hip-hop's biggest titans. The pair cuddles close in the metallic tunnel of wonder, with 'Ye parading his newest love around in front of the masses, just in case a certain gentleman he could have had dropped from the team is toying with the idea of starting a belated, pointless fight.

That Kanye's perfect bitch makes a brief appearance in the newest clip is important in furthering her role as an essential figure in 'Ye's songwriting machine—everyone has their muses—as well as serves to comment on her growing acceptance among his peers. She might still be fighting for approval from Queen Bey, but at least Rozay and Khaled don't mind her hanging around for the duration of a video shoot. Just don't let Ross give her any chicken wings.

This was inevitable, and a fair trade, after Kim made—like really, really twisted his arm, we'd imagine—Kanye appear in several episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and stomach trips to theme parks with her gigantic family. Move over Justin and Selena! There's a new contender for Greatest Couple of Our Time sniffing around your turf.