With Ticketmaster and Live Nation's frustrating hold on the concert market, as well as the often astronomical ticket prices, we wouldn't be surprised if fans were long disenchanted by the prospect of seeing their favorite acts live. But even if you need to scrap together a few weeks' pay, Kanye West exists in defense of seeing certain big-names perform, reminding us that there is a difference in seeing something live versus on YouTube days later. West went on a 20-minute freestyle binge at the Coke Live Music Festival in Krakow, Poland over the weekend, moving away from his previous schtick of launching into live political rants, by adding significant time to the already lengthy and dramatic "Runaway," in the form of previously unheard rhymes. The song is listed at just over nine minutes on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but Yeezy clearly had enough on his mind to double its runtime in front of the audience. He began by reinforcing the song's self-deprecating theme, declaring himself an "asshole" and admitting he screwed things up with his girl, before giving way to the encouraging advice that everyone else to be careful with their own relationships, too, his own voice cracking with emotion ("If you love someone tonight, hold onto them tight/ Real tight, real tight"). Sad Kanye, ladies and gentlemen.

We have to hand it to his dancer, who's clearly built up the stamina to last another 10 minutes and improvise a second routine, as well as to the audience for sticking around and clapping him on in encouragement. Let this be further proof that fans still find pleasure in West's unpredictable live nature, as well as the collective singing of "douchebag." You would think this is some sort of record, but no! Chiddy already has that covered.

[Rap Radar]

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