After more than one public performance verging on therapy session, it's reasonable that fans attending Jay-Z and Kanye West's current tour would expect some sort of Kanye rant or mini-meltdown. During the Watch The Throne stop in Washington, DC on Thursday night Yeezy experienced what were presumed to be technical difficulties, taking two mulligans on the "All Of The Lights" and directing a few words offstage ("Light man! Where's all my lights at?") before achieving the perfect glow needed to perform the track. Watch out, he's going to blow! Admittedly, once all of his lights were working, it was all pretty great. YouTube commenters are staunch in their beliefs that this is a theatrical stunt used to segue into the track rather than an organic "Asshole Kanye" moment. Popdust is checking out the show when it hits the New York area this week, so until then we can neither confirm nor deny, but one thing we will talk about is Kanye's outfit, leather kilt and all. A departure from the sleek female designs we saw during his Paris fashion week, which was born from the mind of Kanye himself, yet still unique and probably expensive enough to convey the luxurious, regal vibe that Watch The Throne is built upon.

For those who aren't lucky enough to throne-watch live this fall, check out what is still a more than decent fan video of "All Of The Lights."