The Coachella festival—the annual three-day music meltdown in Palm Springs—announced its full lineup in the wee hours of the morning, and the more than 100 bands on the bill will be led by none other than Kanye West, who hasn't announced a full-on tour yet but who hinted late last year that he would like to embark on a hip-hop-centric jaunt of some sort in 2011. Well, Wiz Khalifa and Nas and Damian Marley are playing the same day as Kanye, so that's a start!

The full lineup:

Of course there's complaining about who isn't on the bill, too, as well as a little bit of (understandable!) consternation about the fame of Mumford and Sons in relation to, say, Marina & The Diamonds. Which, yes, is pretty wrong. Oh, music, you can be so unfair sometimes!