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Here's What Really Happened During Kanye's Visit to Trump Tower

How could you be so heartless?

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In a story that broke this morning, rapper Kanye West visited president-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Their meeting was brief; Kanye and Trump had a photo-op as West departed less than half an hour after after he arrived. Last month, Kanye came out in support of Trump onstage just three days before cancelling his tour for The Life of Pablo.

What did the Donald and Kanye talk about?

According to Kanye and Don (could have been a great sitcom if not for Trump's conflicts of interest), they discussed "life." But that could mean literally anything!

Are they about to drop a new album?

Is a cabinet appointment in the cards for Kanye?

Is 'Ye going to be Secretary of Energy? No one man should have all that power.

Or something completely different:

Now I ain't sayin' he a gold digger...

Here's how we think (hope) the conversation went:

Donald Trump: So, Kanye, I heard you were gonna vote for me...

Kanye West: Actually, Donald – HANH – that's why I'm here. I was caught up in the moment, and I think the way you ran your campaign was despicable. We've been friends for a long time, so I wanted to let you know that I don't think you were acting cool.

Trump: Yeah, but like that one time you stole Taylor Swift's spotlight. Oh, let me tell you what I'd do to that gazelle of a woma–

Kanye: Please stop, Donald.

[Kanye presses play on his phone, cue "Heartless." End scene.]

I'll leave you with these thoughts: Trump doesn't have time for national intelligence briefings, but he has time to meet with Kanye West? Is Kanye just trying to distract us from the fact that it's Taylor Swift's birthday?

Stay tuned to Popdust for more coverage of the Kanye/Trump alliance!

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