Kanye West has left us baffled with his sartorial choices before (see here and here) but Yeezy's never quite wore anything like the bizarre masked getup he sported at Friday night's show at the Revel casino in Atlantic City. How best to describe it? The consensus is "Abominable Snowman," though Vulture went with "Abominable Snowman-meets-giant snowy owl." There's definitely a hint of Wampa and Snowtrooper going on too, if you want to get extra nerdy about it.

Judging by all those camera phones in the air, we're guessing Kanye got the exact kind of reaction he wanted.

Earlier, Yeezy performed in something a little more comfortable, which in this case meant a jewel-studded face mask from Margiela's fall 2012 runway show:

Could he rap through those things? There's no word yet, but that's probably besides the point. If this is going to be Kanye's look for the Cruel Winter era, well, release date TBA can't come soon enough.