Here's a bit of shocking news: as of the time of writing, former Twitter legend Kanye West has not posted since March. Whatever could he have been doing? Paying tribute to Gil Scott-Heron (R.I.P. Your revolution is still due.) for one. Gearing up for the July release--or so it is right now-- of Jay-Z collaboration Watch the Throne. And also, it seems, getting into fashion. Again.

The Telegraph has an extensive piece on Ye's fashion history. A scarf collection! A Fendi internship! A failed fashion line called "Pastelle," with a typically Kanye quote stitched on:

Did you not see the Lindsay {Lohan} and Ungaro collection? That was 9/11 for celebrities doing fashion. After that I thought: 'Well I can't do a line now.

Since then, The Telegraph reports, he's been a fixture at fashion shows--they provide a slideshow--moved to a Paris studio to work on a high-end collection for men and women that's said to be for the 2012 spring/summer season and might give out an award to Céline designer Phoebe Philo (who makes an appearance in the "Dark Fantasy" lyrics) at the CFDAs, described as the fashion-world Oscars.

It all sounds, at least from the outside and from newspaper reports, at least somewhat more involved than signing one's name and a check for an in-name-only "fashion" "line" (both sets of quotes necessary.) Although considering that Yeezy was also being turned away from some of those fashion shows leaves us dubious. As do those leaked Pastelle pics from months past.

Personally, the only thing we want to see out of Kanye's fashion line, whether or not it emerges, is something with cherub imagery. It's hard to find!