Which Kanye West do you prefer? The raving madman Kanye who does things like this, or the musical genius Kanye who does things like this? That's a trick question, of course; you can't separate the rapper's sometimes bizarre public life from his outlandish artistic ambitions. Kanye contains multitudes—for every great song he creates, you've just got to accept that three or four bizarre tabloid headlines will accompany it.

Attendees at Wednesday night's Adult Swim upfront in New York got a chance to witness this duality up close and personal, as Kanye treated his audience to a sampling of new music and a longwinded rant against today's celebrity culture.

First, the new song. It's being called "So Awesome," we also heard it at the Met Gala, it's probably about Kim Kardashian, and it sounds like something from the imaginary "happy version" of 808s and Heartbreak. Give it a listen below:

And now, the rant. Kanye went off last night, leaving no target unscathed: the paparazzi who harass and pursue him, journalists who ask him stupid questions, people who think he should use his SNL appearance to "humanize" himself. Then he went even more off, taking aim at ... babies? "I drop your baby and then you sue me," he said, as a way of explaining why he would no longer be kissing babies. The whole thing sounds weird when we type it out like that, but in the moment it actually made sense. Kanye has very legitimate grievances!