Kanye West's promo clip for his VOYR gimmick for his Watch the Throne tour with Jay-Z is what all those trailers should have been: footage, reflection, Jay-Z appearing at one point. About all it's missing is eight encore performances (they're up to eight now, after Chicago) of "N----s in Paris." And then there's this quote.

People who I want to be in the funeral? I wanna have world leaders that were affected, that said, you know, 'Kanye gave me my shot here.' Or 'he pushed me,' or 'he told me to believe in myself,' or 'when I saw this, it made me feel like that.' I wanna affect people like that when I pass away.

We're going to bypass any snark about world leaders listening to Kanye West, because honestly, some of them probably do, and with a lot of that kind of commentary there's a weird undertone of "but Kanye doesn't deserve those people listening to him!" that's rather questionable. Instead, we're just going to point out that at least one world leader is on record as calling Kanye a "jackass." Yes, it was years ago. It's still a bit far off from Kanye's sample quotes, no?