Kanye West's "Yeezus" Reviewed: "I'm In It"

We’re reviewing every song on Kanye West’s Yeezus today to commemorate its release this week. Stay tuned for our take on all ten tracks on the rapper/producer’s latest masterwork!

Perhaps it's the curse of opening an album with a four-song run as laser-sharp in its focus and precise in its execution as Yeezus' opening quarter, but it's hard for songs as loose and kind of free-form as "Hold My Liquor" and "I'm In It" to really make much of an impact coming after it. "I'm In It" in particular changes tone and tempo seemingly at will throughout its four minutes, with cameos from dancehall DJ assassin and (again) singer/songwriter Bon Iver coming seemingly out of nowhere, interrupting any kind of flow Kanye would reach on his own and failing to establish any kind of melodic or rhythmic consistency throughout. A few listens in to the album, and "I'm In It" is the song you'll probably be least able to recall by name.

Not helping matters here is Kanye's insistence on being sleazy, gross and generally unlikeable with his sexual lyrical conceits and metaphors. You could probably make an argument for using the Civil Rights sign as a visual symbol for fisting a girl (or borrowing MLK's famous "Free at last" quote for a lyric about breasts being unhooked from a bra) as some kind of clever, purposefully shocking historical subversion, but lines like "Eating Asian pussy, all I need is sweet n' sour sauce" are just unpleasant and cheap-sounding. Kanye's ability to tie sex into matters of race, class, politics and self-discovery is one of his greatest lyrical talents, but you certainly wouldn't want to read any kind of erotica the dude would write.


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