Kanye West's "Yeezus" Reviewed: "Send It Up"

We're reviewing every song on Kanye West's Yeezus today to commemorate its release this week. Stay tuned for our take on all ten tracks on the rapper/producer's latest masterwork!

"This the greatest shit in da club / Since 'In Da Club'." Not really, though we doubt Kanye actually believes that it is--the song's sparse, piercing drum-and-synth backing track is memorable and vaguely funky, but certainly not the sort of thing that a DJ keeps as a secret weapon for packing the dancefloor. Anyway, 'Ye just uses the hook as a jumping-off point to express his stance about girls who ask him for his help getting his friends in the club (he's not pro-), and then sneak in a "Too Close"-like reference to getting a hard-on while dancing, with approximately 4000% more blasphemy ("Yeezus just rose again"--nice).

All that said, the real presence on "Send It Up" isn't Yeezy's, but rather guest star and fellow Chi-town rapper King L, whose casually cocky, vaguely threatening opening verse manages the rare feat of actually upstaging Kanye on his own song. King L also gets to spit the song's oft-repeated chorus hook, "We can send this bitch up / It can't go down," which sounds kinda cool but sounds less and less meaningful the more you hear it, and you hear it a lot over the course of the song. Mostly though, "Send It Up" serves as a transition track from the album's two-song emotional climax to its closer, and for that, it does a very commendable job.


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