KARA Previews K-pop Comeback With Buzz Ballad, "Runaway"

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KARA's popularity in both Korea and Japan has dwindled a little over the past year, but they're still one of the biggest names in K-pop, so any time they drop a new single it's still a pretty huge deal. In early September, they'll release their fourth studio album, Can't Be a Lady, but before the first official single drops, they're warming things up with a buzz track called "Runaway."

The acoustic ballad is a total 180 from KARA's usual music, which is almost always hyperactive bubblegum pop. The girls also showcase a new side of themselves in the song's official music video, which is a melodramatic compilation of scenes from their upcoming five-part drama series, Secret Love.

Although we still have no idea what KARA's official comeback single is going to sound like, releasing "Runaway" is a good way to warm people up for the group's full return. Hopefully hearing a different sound from KARA for once will make people appreciate their old sound once they hear it again. Anything in the same vein as "Lupin," "Step," or "Pandora" will be perfect!

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