While they've covered Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, Amy Heddeman and Nick Noonan, also known as YouTube breakout stars Karmin, forgo use their videos for inspiration, opting to stay close to their roots in their first video for the song "Crash Your Party." The latest viral sensation to embark on original material, the (engaged!) couple starts things off where we first met them: inside their homemade studio, as seen though an open YouTube window. Performing their own tracks seems to have given them access to an updated version of one infamous literary wardrobe or J.K. Rowling's own personal portkey, as they travel everywhere from paparazzi-laden outdoor cafes, to dumpsters and karaoke music videos. Consider it an early preview of the full pop star experience, as they get a feel for the high and low lows of the entertainment world in less than four minutes. Heddeman's unmistakable hair and remarkable flow are on full display, with her cartoonish facial expressions putting some heat on Ms. Nicki Minaj herself. We wouldn't call their arrival in any of these settings crashing, per se. The name Karmin is written in icing, which everybody knows is as official as it gets. Watch below.