As we've gotten to know Karmin over the last year, two things have stood out in our minds: the pair's uncanny ability to replicate hip-hop music with a more infectious quality and arguably faster delivery, and Amy's signature hairstyle. Latest video "Brokenhearted" finds them eying one another across the room during a party, split against solo shots of Amy sitting at home, contemplating her next move in the ping-pongy game of modern courtship. As she thinks of new ways to distract herself from waiting for his call, we can't help but notice that the iconic "suicide roll" has suddenly come undone. Instant double-take. Stylistic change-ups are bound to happen throughout artists' careers, and it's nice that its arrived this early in the duo's run, reinforcing that there's a boatload of talent behind the singer's big hair.

The performance-heavy clip also mimics the uncertainty found in early stages of a relationship in a more realistic way than their cartoonish "Crash Your Party," hitting on the awkward search for conversation topics that typically results in a debate over the merits of ice cream versus celery. Any will they/won't drama is undercut slightly by the fact that these two are engaged, but then again there is something to be said for art not always imitating life. The duo has been working hard since being signed to Epic Records last year, moving from crashing parties to storming the SNL stage and even the set of our very own Popdust Magic Box last month. Watch their latest below.