Kathy Griffin Quits Fashion Police After Just Seven Episodes

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Kathy Griffin has quit E!'s Fashion Police because she thinks it's too mean.

In a surprising move, the comic—who was brought in following the death of Joan Rivers-- released a statement via Twitter saying:

“I thought I could bring my brand of humor to Fashion Police so that beautiful people in beautiful dresses could be teased when appropriate. My brand of humor, while unrepentant and unafraid, is all about CONTEXT. There’s plenty to make fun of in pop culture without bringing people’s bodies into it.”

She didn’t mention the whole Zendaya patchouli oil thing, which was rumored to have caused Kelly Osbourne to quit, but she did add:

“I do not want to use my comedy to contribute to a culture of unattainable perfectionism and intolerance towards difference.”

Which to us speaks a thousand words.