Judging by Katy B's video for "Movement," the sort of movement she's hoping for is geographical, and the sort of improvement that goes along with it is the sort helped along by vacations, poolsides and--since this is still a Katy B video to a fairly uptempo song--neon-dappled clubs. We've told you before--and many times behind links other than that one--that we're fans of On a Mission, but in case none of that sank in, has anyone ever seemed happier to be at the beach? Has there been a better advertisement for Ibiza outside tourism-board or David Guetta productions? Are you as disturbed as we are that we just used the words "David Guetta" in a Katy B post? (The answer to all these questions is, naturally, "yes.")

Aer Lingus signs deal with Delta Air

The Irish Times March 23, 1996 | JIM DUNNE AER LINGUS has joined Swissair and Singapore Airline as a Worldwide Partner of Delta Air Lines. The move will substantially increase business traffic between Ireland and the US as the deal will give passengers of both airlines points in each other's frequent flyer programmes.

The Minister for Transport, Energy and Communications, Mr Lowry, said the Government viewed the move as "a very significant development".

The agreement was signed in Dublin yesterday by Mr Bernie Cahill, chairman of Aer Lingus, and Mr Ron Allen, chairman and chief executive of Delta. It is due to come into effect on May 1st but has yet to receive the approval of the US Department of Transportation. here delta frequent flyer

Mr Lowry said officials from his Department had been in touch with their US counterparts to seek, "an early and positive response". site delta frequent flyer

Mr Cahill said the immediate benefits to Aer Lingus would be an improved service and more passengers direct from the US. Delta Air Lines will take seats all year round on Aer Lingus flights from New York to Dublin and Shannon, providing additional traffic, especially in the difficult low seasons.

The participation of Aer Lingus passengers in the Delta frequent flyer programme will enable Aer Lingus TAB members to earn and spend their frequent flyer points on the combined networks of Aer Lingus and Delta.

The Worldwide Partners agreement also allows the two airlines to discuss other possible areas of co operation.