We're going to keep posting about Mercury Prize contender Katy B as long as she continues to put out new songs, videos and/or material. We do this for quality's sake. Sure, "Witches Brew" isn't fantastic--it's a tad heavy on the sonic frippery, and we're still replaying "Broken Record"--but it's good, and the video gets in all the witchy imagery you'd ever need: creeping ink, wolves, a vellum storm of flying spellbooks, and some guy tied up who's the target of all this. But he'll feel good! It's not intrusive or anything! Anyway, we're also rather jealous of Katy's hair. I mean, the last time we cast spells in this office, the frizz lasted for days. Watch below:

Katy B - Witches' Brew from Pop Labyrinth on Vimeo.